Amazing Facts About Therapy Dogs and Stress Levels

By: Matthew Johnson of Waggz & Whiskerz

It is always hard to pull yourself away from a really cute puppy let alone a group of tiny puppies and kittens; all our hearts immediately melt at the sight of these cute little creatures. Did you know studies have showed that pets eliminate feelings of stress and may actually be a fast healer for those who are ill.

My Pets Woofie Monkey & Benji have proven to be a holistic way to reduce stress in my life and have also helped with, coping mechanisms for my various medical problems.


According to an article the Canadian Center of K9 Research and Development, 62 percent of Canadian households own a pet and in a Toronto survey, the number one benefit of having a pet is the love, affection, and company they provide. Other numerous studies have shown:

  1. Pets help recovery from heart attacks. 421 adults found that dog owners had a better one-year survival after a heart attack, compared to those who did not own dogs.
  2. Pets help us calm down. A study of 240 married couples showed that pet owners had lower heart rates and blood pressure as compared to those without pets.
  3. Pets help reduce stress better than our human companions. Pet owners had less stress and quicker recovery from stress when they were with their pets as compared to when they were with their spouse or friend.
  4. Pet owners have less obesity. A study looking at 2,000 adults found that pet owners who walked their dogs had less rates of obesity and were more physically active than those without pets.
  5. Pet owners have better mobility in their golden years. Another study looking at 2,500 adults aged 71-82 showed that adults who regularly walked their dogs had more mobility inside the house than non-pet owners.
  6. Pets increase opportunities for socialization. Many studies have shown that walking a dog leads to more conversations and socialization.
  7. Pets can help your cholesterol. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that owning a pet can decrease cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure.
  8. Pets can help comfort children. Child psychologists have found that pets can be very comforting to children and help them develop empathy. They have also been found to help autistic children with socialization.

These days many are incorporating the use of friendly pets in places known for high stress. At local Universities public Schools and even summer camps, people were able to “check out” a therapy dogs during their study and prolonged periods of time away from familiar settings and family.

The therapy visits are meant to help reduce stress from heavy workload and other anxieties including homesickness. Many other institutions are now seeking to do the same thing on their campuses and at their locations.

So if you’re looking for a furry companion, know that you’ll be reaping the benefits of good health as well as a new friend.