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Pet Groomer Barrie, Ontario - Tigger - Bichon

Tigger (Bichon)

Owners: Violet & John

“Karen: We wish to thank you for the super job you did on “Tigger”, he has never looked so good. He is still very light and fluffy even though he has been out in the rain and snow. Thank you once again and we certainly will be returning.”

Paw Tyme Dog Grooming and Spa - Barrie Ontario - Sofia - Snoodle

Sofia (Snoodle)

Owners: Pamela & Franco

“This was Sofia’s first grooming at Paw Tyme and we hope to become regulars! We are extremely happy with Karen’s work, Sofia looks great. When we picked her up she seemed happy and relaxed which is always a good sign. Thank you for taking such good care of her, we have already recommended you to our friends!”

Dog Groomers Barrie, Ontario - Sophie - Chocolate Lab

Sophie (Chocolate Lab)

Owner: Stephanie

“I’ve used other groomers, including several in the States. Karen does a great job…my dog, Sophie, really enjoys her time there. You can tell Karen enjoys dogs and that they are treated well while they’re in her care. I never have to wait for Sophie…she’s done when Karen says she’ll be done and she always looks and smells great!”

Dog Barrie - Sherlock - Shi Poo

Sherlock (Shi Poo)

Owner: Donna-Mae

“We’ve had our Shi-poo, Sherlock, for just over three years. During this time, we’ve tried three groomers in south Barrie, and Paw Tyme is definitely our choice for a number of reasons. Not only does Karen treat our wonderful Sherlock with respect, she listens to any requests I have regarding his grooming, and does her best to make sure we leave the salon happy. Her attention to detail in her grooming is appreciated, as is her ability to make Sherlock feel at ease during the process. On our last visit, I asked Karen if she could cut a Mohawk into Sherlock’s hair, and when I returned to pick him up, he had a most unique and professional looking “do.” We LOVE his hair this way, and we look forward to future visits to the PT salon.”

Pet Grooming Barrie, Ontario - Cassie - Bichon

Cassie (Bichon)

Owners: Dave & Karen

“We adopted Cassie a year and a half ago and needless to say we are very protective of her. She is 11 years old and a total joy to all who meet her. We took her to Paw Tyme Dog Grooming. The facilities are spectacular, very clean and well organized. We felt comfortable leaving Cassie with Karen. When we picked her up she looked gorgeous and very content. We are taking her back very shortly for her Christmas bath. We have recommended Karen and Paw Tyme Dog Grooming to three different people so far and they have all made appointments to take their dogs there. Thank you Karen.”

Dog Wash - Paw Tyme Dog Grooming and Spa - Roscoe - Wheaton Terrier

Roscoe (Wheaton Terrier)

Owner: Martha

“We have been grooming our dogs for several years now but when life became rather hectic recently grooming moved to the bottom of the priority list and our 23 month old wheaten terrier, Roscoe, needed a full makeover. Earlier this year we met Karen on one of our daily walks and she was also recommended to us by another dog owner in the neighbourhood. Roscoe just returned from his first professional groom at Paw Tyme and looks fantastic! Karen’s grooming facility is one of the best I have ever experienced and the service is spectacular. Thank you Karen – we will be back!”

Dog Groomers Barrie, Ontario - Lucky - Bichon

Lucky (Bichon)

Owner: Sandy

“Before I took Lucky to see Karen I had groomed him myself for 5 years worried that I wouldn’t be happy with having him groomed by someone else. Well Karen was wonderful she showed such care and affection towards my dog. I felt comfortable leaving him with her. When I picked Lucky up he was happy and looked so cute. And Karen did exactly what I wanted. I will definitely keep her as Lucky’s permanent Groomer. See you soon!!!! Thanks Karen.”

Dog Groomers Barrie Ontario - Snidley - Schnauzer Pug Cross

Snidley (Schnauzer Pug Cross)

Owners: Marilie & Travis

“Travis and I think that you did a great job with Snidley. It’s obvious to us that he feels so much better. He’s back to old fun loving habits that had been absent for a while, we thought they were due to the new dog in our household…but it was because he was that loaded with hair!!! People can’t believe how much he’s changed and keep commenting on how soft he is We’ll definitely be coming back. Thanks again for a great job.”

Pet Groomer in Barrie Ontario - Kensington - Goldendoodle

Kensington (Goldendoodle)

Owner: Tara

“Karen, Thank you so much for spending the morning caring to Kensington. She looks and smells wonderful! Your facilities are immaculate and professional. Kensington came home happy and full of energy. I know she enjoyed her morning being pampered. We’ll be back for a visit in a few weeks!”

Dog Grooming in Barrie - Jewels - American Eskimo
Dog Grooming in Barrie Ontario - Piper - Pomeranian

Jewels (American Eskimo) & Piper (Pomeranian)

Owner: Jacqueline

“Needing to change groomers can be a nerve-wracking experience; everyone wants their ‘babies’ to feel stress-free and comfortable. Karen made both Jewels and Piper feel right at home, making sure to be aware of their individual needs and problems, and the grooming results have been wonderful! It’s obvious that Karen cares a great deal for her animal clients, and it shows in her work and makes their families happy too — Thanks, Karen, and we’ll be seeing you often!”

Paw Tyme Dog Grooming and Spa - Barrie Ontario - Reese - Snoodle
Paw Tyme Dog Grooming and Spa - Barrie Ontario - Henry - Shi Poo

Reese (Snoodle) & Henry (Shi Poo)

Owners: Sarah & John

“Henry suffers from allergies and had itched so much, his fur was quite matted. Karen rose to the challenge and Henry still looked quite handsome with his (very) short new ‘do’. Although both Henry and Reese are puppy mill rescues, Reese is very timid and weary of people and other dogs. We were worried about how Reese would act. Karen took her time and was very gentle and calm. When we came back Reese wasn’t quite finished, she poked her head around Karen and saw that it was us and continued to sit nicely while Karen did the finishing touches. We are very happy with the time and care given to Reese & Henry when they visit Paw Tyme. Thanks Karen.”

Paw Tyme Dog Grooming and Spa - Barrie Ontario - Tucker - Pug
Paw Tyme Dog Grooming and Spa - Barrie Ontario - Darcy - Puggle

Tucker (Pug) & Darcy (Puggle)

Owner: Stacey

“Dear Paw Tyme. I Tucker (the Pug) and I Darcy (the Puggle) would really like to thank-you for taking such good care of us. We were really in need of a bath and nail trim and we looked so great after we left, our mom and dad couldn’t stop hugging us. We also loved our new neck wear and have been wearing it ever since. We can’t wait to go back and see her, so we have been rolling in the dirt in hopes to get there again soon. Thank-you very much!”

Paw Tyme Dog Grooming and Spa - Barrie Ontario - Koukla - Pomeranian

Koukla (Pomeranian)

Owner: Christine

“My first grooming experience was a terrible one. They didn’t listen to me and I swore I would never trust anyone to groom my Pomeranian again. After grooming my Pom for a year and a half it became too much for me. I looked online for a Groomer and Paw Tyme had amazing testimonials. When I first arrived, I was nervous. Karen had a friendly and calm disposition. She took the time to listen to my very specific trimming and shaping instructions and wrote down key notes. As I sat in the waiting room, I could hear Karen talking to my girl. It was obvious that she truly loves the animals. My dog is extremely nervous with strangers but Karen won her over quickly. When all was said and done, I was amazed at how good of a job Karen had done. She followed my specific instructions. My Pom had never looked so good. Karen is not only an amazing groomer, she is truly an animal lover. She provided a warm and loving environment for both myself and my dog. My Pom will continue to be a regular at Paw Tyme despite the 1 hour drive. It is worth the drive to Paw Tyme Dog Grooming and Spa. Thank You Karen.”

Barrie Dog Groomers - Paw Tyme - Molly - Lhasa Poo

Molly (Lhasa Poo)

Owners: David & Shawn

“What can I say, other than it was a blessing to find Karen and Paw Tyme Grooming and Spa. I have been unable to find a suitable groomer that listens to what I really was expecting in a groomer for our dog, since we rescued her during the summer of 2010. But as luck would have it, I did a search on the internet, and voila found Paw Tyme, what made me make the call is her web site it had so much information on it to view prior to talking to Karen in person it gave me a feel for the person behind the site, and to see how much she cared for the animals as well. It made me feel I needed to make the call, and what a blessing that was. She greeted us with a smile at our appointment and made me feel like Molly was in the right hands finally. When I picked Molly up she was playing with Karen’s dog’s, and even enjoyed the cat, it was the way it should be. She (Molly) looked perfect and was having so much fun! I will be sure to pass on to every pet owner I know that there is no other one to groom your pet, once you meet Karen and her warm smile and see the surroundings and when your pet walks through that door, you will feel than and there that they are her complete focus. From the bottom of my heart Karen, we thank you.”

Pet Groomer Barrie, Ontario - Henry - Labradoodle

Dog: Henry (Labradoodle)

Owners: Wendy

“We can’t say enough great things about Karen de Jong and her dog grooming business, “Paw Tyme Dog Grooming & Spa”. Henry, our 86 lbs labradoodle used to put up a major fuss when we would take him to the groomers but since we’ve found Karen he’s a different dog. When we mention her name, Henry’s ears perk up, his tail wags and he literally shakes with excitement! When we get to “Paw Tyme Dog Grooming & Spa” Karen is always there to greet us with a smile and a very warm welcome for Henry. Her love of animals is so evident and the results of his stay at the “spa” are fantastic. In fact, my mother, who lives in Ottawa, makes special trips to Barrie just to get her dog, Mr. Muggs, groomed by Karen as she has never had a better experience anywhere else! On behalf of Henry, Mr. Muggs, my mother and myself, I’d like to thank Karen for the amazing job she continues to do and I encourage all dog owners to try her out…you won’t be disappointed!”

Pet Grooming in Barrie Ontario - Buddy - Bichon Cairn Terrier Mix

Buddy (Bichon Cairn Terrier Mix)

Owners: Carol Ann & Don

“Hi Karen, I wanted to tell you how pleased we are with what you were able to do for our Buddy. I think you are the “Dog Whisperer” right here in Barrie. You have an incredible gift with animals, as your energy is so calming, kind and comforting while maintaining a leadership role with the animals. As you know Buddy comes from a less than ideal home situation, and was somewhat timid. We have noticed a huge change in him since we picked him up Tuesday night, and credit his new comfort level to you, as you took away all the knots and tangles that must have been pulling on his skin. I cannot thank you enough for being able to take him in on such short notice. It is a huge comfort knowing you are here for us! Thank you! Thank you!”

Paw Tyme Dog Grooming and Spa - Barrie Ontario - Abby - Golden Retriever

Abby (Golden Retriever)

Owner: Emily

“I’ve been to several dog groomers and have not always been satisfied with the results. Most of the time Abby would come back looking completely different than what I had asked for; often she would look “choppy” and this really upset me as I consider Abby a beautiful dog! With Karen it was completely different. She listened to my request and followed how I wanted her to look. Needless to say, she did a FABULOUS job, and she will be Abby’s groomer from now on! Her look was so smooth….it was amazing. Not only was I impressed with her work, but her Grooming Studio was very professional, with a beautiful waiting room with a complete view to her work area. Thank you Karen, for taking such good care of Abby and making her feel so welcome and relaxed!”

Puppy Groom - Groomer in Barrie Ontario - Chedis - Shih Tzu

Chedis (Shih Tzu)

Owner: Natalia

“Just moving to Barrie, I was in pursuit of a great groomer. I searched the internet and found Paw Tyme. As I went through the website, I could tell that it would be a warm and friendly place to take my dog. I called right away and Karen seemed friendly and accommodating. We booked an appointment for the following week. My experience at Paw Tyme was welcoming the second I opened the door. I knew my dog “Chedis” would be in good hands. When I went to pick up Chedis, I couldn’t believe how well groomed she looked. She’s a 15 year old Shih Tzu, and she looked like she was a puppy : ) Karen did an awesome job. Thanks so much for the great service! I would highly recommend Paw Tyme, and will be back.”

Dog Groomers in Barrie Ontario - Champ - Golden Retriever

Champ (Golden Retriever)

Owners: Greg & Barb

“Hi Karen, I just wanted to write and say what a pleasant experience it was bringing CHAMP to you for the first time. You welcomed us like we really mattered to you, and that was refreshing. Your interview was very thorough but brief. I left feeling confident that our pet was in caring hands. When I returned to pick him up, I was very pleased with the job you had done. This is the best grooming that Champ has had in his 2 1/2 years. We will definitely be coming back! See you soon, and thanks again.”

Dog Bath Barrie Ontario - Paw Tyme - Dutch - Miniature Shih Poo

Dutch (Miniature Shih Poo)

Owner: Jeff

“Being new Dog owners (first time actually) and this being our first grooming experience, I must say that “Dutch” looked great after his first grooming and enjoyed the experience. Karen walked us through the procedure taking time to explain what would happen and what time Dutch would be ready. Being a puppy she took care to make “Dutch’s” first grooming an enjoyable one so that he would not be frightened on future visits. I have recommended Karen and Paw Tyme to our friends and neighbours based on the cleanliness of her spa and the care she provided Dutch.”

Pet Grooming Barrie Ontario - Chloe - Golden Doodle

Chloe (Golden Doodle)

Owner: Laurie

“I wanted to say thank you for the great job you did with Chloe. Chloe came in such a mess and I knew she would have to be shaved. Even so, you listened to what I wanted and were able to keep her looking great! You are the first groomer EVER to do this! Chloe usually does not like being groomed but you have changed this and gave her such a great experience! I felt comfortable leaving her with you and Chloe will definitely be back!”

Dog Grooming Barrie Ontario - Gracie - Golden Retriever

Gracie (Golden Retriever)

Owner: Erika

“Dear Karen, Gracie looked really good when I picked her up. It’s been almost a year since her last spa treatment and you did a wonderful job. Thank you from Gracie’s “Auntie Erika.”

Pet Grooming Barrie, Ontario - Eddie - Shih Tzu

Eddie (Shih Tzu)

Owner: Lisa

“It is always tough to find a new Dog Groomer, and Eddie and I had such a pleasant first visit to Karen and her Paw Tyme Grooming salon, we will definitely be regular customers.”

Dog Groomers in Barrie Ontario - Otis - Bull Dog

Otis (Bull Dog)

Owners: Peter & Jill

“This was our very first visit to Paw Tyme. Otis was a little nervous and shy but was quickly at ease! Thank you for the great job you did and we look forward to coming back again!”

Pet Groomers in Barrie Ontario - Karma - Shih Tzu Cockapoo Mix

Karma (Shih Tzu Cockapoo Mix)

Owner: Jackie

“Hi Karen, we were very happy on Karma’s new look. My 15 year old son came home and said it is the best haircut she has ever had. For a 15 year old boy to notice that, you know it was a job well done. Thanks again and we will be back.”

Pet Grooming - Barrie Ontario - Kelso - Golden Retriever

Kelso (Golden Retriever)

Owner: Kait

“Hi Karen, Kelso is a giant and pretty nervous but you did such an amazing job! He looks like a little puppy again. We’ve taken him out and everyone has told us how incredible he looks. He’s finally well polished and enjoying his summer coat! I’m so happy with everything you’ve done for him and we are definitely coming back to see you sometime soon! Thanks so much, again!”

Dog Grooming in Barrie Ontario - Ebony - Toy Poodle

Ebony (Toy Poodle)

Owner: Cathy

“Thank you so much Karen. Ebony looks wonderful, and she thinks she’s a princess. Really glad I looked you up on the net. You’re a great groomer and I will pass the word on, good luck, and we will see you in 6 weeks. Also you have a neat and clean place.”

Dog Groomers Barrie Ontario - Berkley - Golden Doodle

Berkley (Golden Doodle)

Owner: Steve & Jen

“We took our golden doodle Berkley for the first time to Karen and had a pleasant experience. We found the service friendly and would highly recommend Paw Tyme to others.”

Dog Grooming Barrie, Ontario - Sam - Golden Retriever

Sam (Golden Retriever)

Owner: Arlene

“A special thank you from play it again SAM. I love my new haircut and grooming. I’ll see you in February for another visit.”

Grooming Barrie Ontario - Rocky - Shih Poo

Rocky (Shih Poo)

Owner: Holly

“I brought in Rocky a few months ago. I loved his new look, and thought that Karen did a very good job. I will be bringing in Rocky again shortly!”

Dog Groomer Barrie Ontario - Spencer - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Spencer (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)

Owner: Louis

“This was Spencer’s first trip to Paw Tyme. We are very happy with the doggie cut and the friendly and professional service we all received. We will be recommending Karen to all the pet owners we know. Great service!”

Dog Groomer Barrie, Ontario - Simon - American Cocker Spaniel

Simon (American Cocker Spaniel)

Owner: Lisa

“We took our American Cocker to Karen at Paw Tyme and we were completely amazed by her service. Our dog can be a little difficult at times. Karen is very friendly and is wonderful with her customers (pets and people). This is the best groomer that we have found in the Barrie area.”

Dog Groomer Barrie, Ontario - Myra - Miniature Schnauzer

Myra (Miniature Schnauzer)

Owner: Diane

“I would highly recommend Paw Tyme Dog Grooming & Spa to everyone. It was great to bring Myra in and be able to pick her up in an hour to hour and half rather than taking her in at 8 and picking her up at 5. Karen was very friendly. The facility was very clean. I am sure it was a very pleasant experience for Myra and she looked so pretty.”

Dog Groomers Barrie, Ontario - Hemi - Short Haired Saint Bernard

Hemi (Short Haired Saint Bernard)

Owners: Gwen & Mike

“We wanted to thank you for doing such a wonderful job with our Hemingway. And thank you for making it such a pleasant experience for Hemi as well as for us. He still smells so great and his coat so soft. Looking forward to his next visit :0)”

Dog Groomers Barrie, Ontario - Jessie - Old English Sheepdog

Jessie (Old English Sheepdog)

Owners: Ashley & Stu

“We are thrilled with the way Jessie turned out on her first spa day with Karen. She was clean and beautifully shaped. It was definitely a good experience and Karen was easy to talk to and listened to what we wanted. Jessie seemed quite happy too!! We would definitely recommend her to everyone and will be going back for our next spa day soon!”

Dog Groomer Barrie Ontario - Sonny - Cockapoo

Sonny (Cockapoo)

Owner: George

“As first time dog owners we were new to the dog grooming experience and we were not expecting to see such a dramatic difference in Sonny’s appearance…he looks great and overall it was a very positive experience.”

Dog Grooming Barrie, Ontario - Chloe - Shih Tzu

Chloe (Shih Tzu)

Owners: Sharlene & Wilson

“Our experience with you was spectacular. When we brought Chloe to Paw Tyme she was a mess. I cannot believe how great she looks after her haircut. Your services were wonderful. Taking her into a grooming salon has never really been that great of an experience for us. But with you it felt warm, kind and just like home. Chloe loved it at your place and she came out looking like a new dog. Every day we look at her we keep telling her how cute she is. My 5 year old daughter just adores her new look. We will be keeping this style for a long time. So that means you have won our business forever. I will definitely recommend your services to everyone I know. You’re the best Karen.”

Dog Grooming Barrie, Ontario - Zoey - Cockapoo

Zoey (Cockapoo)

Owner: Carol

“I brought Zoey in for her first visit feeling rather embarrassed that she was in such a shaggy state. Zoey hates to be brushed and it is always a struggle to keep her hair combed. Karen made me feel quite justified in my attempts at grooming Zoey and made friends with her immediately. I felt secure in leaving my precious family member in her care. Well, Zoey had to be trimmed way back in order to reach the tangles that were close to her skin. But Karen kept her beyond her grooming as I had to attend to a family matter and when I arrived Zoey was comfortably sleeping in a cage & she didn’t even hear me enter. The nicest grooming experience for Zoey and myself. Thanks Karen. See you next month!”

Dog Groomer Barrie, Ontario - Mr. Muggs - Labradoodle

Mr. Muggs (Labradoodle)

Owner: Sandy

“Dear Karen, Mr. Muggs came home like a new dog. He was so scruffy when he came to you and he came home not only looking wonderful but so very pleased with himself. He acted like a fashion model and kept coming and bumping his nose into us as if to say look at me I am so very handsome. He smelt great too. The only other experience with grooming for him, unless I have done it which is pretty terrible, was a couple of years ago. He was not a happy dog when I picked him up and he could not wait to get out of there. With you he was acting like he had spent the day with a friend. Thank you. I will be back in Barrie at Christmas and would love to bring him in again.”

Paw Tyme Barrie, Ontario - Bentley - Shih Tzu

Bentley (Shih Tzu)

Owner: Charlene

“I brought my dog Bentley in for his 1st grooming and I must say he came out looking so handsome!!! I loved the atmosphere there & it felt like a loving & caring environment. I have booked Bentley back in 3wks to be done again. I am glad I found a excellent groomer here in the city as we not lived here that long & I had no idea who to choose, I just went with my gut instinct & I was glad I did. Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job on my dog.”

Pet Grooming Barrie, Ontario - Gus - Cairn Terrier

Gus (Cairn Terrier)

Owners: Carol Ann & Don

“I found Karen to be a very warm and friendly. She took the time to listen to what I wanted done for our 15 year old Cairn Terrier. As a senior citizen, Gus has some bumps and lumps which are somewhat sensitive. When I picked him up, I was very pleased in the job that she had done. He looked excellent, and I think he felt good too. The major wagging gave it away! Karen’s facility is top notch, clean, organized and professionally outfitted. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone, and have done so with my friends that have dog grooming needs. Thank you Karen, you are a gift to us dog lover’s!”

Paw Tyme Barrie, Ontario - Jasper - Australian Shepherd

Jasper (Australian Shepherd)

Owners: Colleen & Jason

“If pictures said a thousand words that’s all you need to post. But sometimes more needs to be said. We and our dog had a great first visit with you. You provided a clean, friendly and inviting environment. Jasper was in desperate need of a grooming and you did exactly as I asked. We are thrilled with his new hair cut and it is much easier to keep care of him in the winter. We will see you again in the near future.”

Pet Grooming Barrie, Ontario - Jasmine - Golden Retriever
Dog Groomer Barrie, Ontario - Pablo

Jasmine & Pablo (Golden Retrievers)

Owners: Sue & John

“Our Golden Retrievers were a mess, we had just moved to the area and received one of Karen’s flyers. We had been using a different groomer, one that was not professionally trained – what a difference. Our Dogs came home looking great!! Thanks for a Great Job Karen – we will definitely be back.”

Pet Groomer in Barrie, Ontario - Bob - Mini Poodle
Pet Groomer in Barrie, Ontario - George - Black lab

Bob (Mini Poodle) & George (Black Lab)

Owners: Stephen & Diana

“After one visit both of our dogs have never looked as good as they do after their time at Paw Tyme.”

Paw Tyme Barrie, Ontario - Cooper - Golden Retriever
Dog Grooming Barrie, Ontario - Ricky Dog Groomer Barrie

Cooper & Ricky (Golden Retrievers)

Owner: Janice

“We were very pleased with Cooper and Ricky’s grooming experience with you Karen. Cooper is older with his own issues and Ricky – a little crazy, but they both were happy and very handsome after their visit.”

Puppies Barrie Ontario - Toby - Cairn Terrier
Puppies Barrie Ontario - Maggie - Cairn Terrier

Toby & Maggie (Cairn Terriers)

Owner: Ann

“My two Cairns visited Karen for the first time, what a lovely job she did and the dogs really enjoyed themselves. I was also impressed with how spotless the grooming area was. Thanks Karen.”

Cosmo (Shih Tzu)

Owner: Louise

“I received one of Karen’s flyers and booked an appointment for my dog Cosmo, I was delighted at Karen’s approach with Cosmo, she was very gentle and always re-assuring with her. Cosmo is a bit of a nervous dog. You can see Karen truly loves dogs. When I picked Cosmo up she was happy, tail wagging, she looked wonderful! Karen has a way with dogs. I have recommended Karen to two of my friends and both have booked appointments with her and were very pleased. I will definitely be re-booking with Karen.”

Gibson (Golden Retriever)

Owners: Bryan & Wendy

“We are very pleased with our experience at Paw Tyme. Karen was very friendly and professional. When we arrived Karen took some time to play with Gibson – our Golden Retriever – quickly making him feel welcome and excited. Karen asked a number of questions about Gibson and what our preference was for grooming him. Karen more than delivered, she did a great job. The space was very inviting and very clean. We couldn’t be happier. Thanks Karen.”

Chloe (Havanese)

Owner: Carol

“We are very happy with Chloe’s trim, and I love that you are so close that I can even walk her over to you come the summer time. You will definitely be seeing us again in a few months time. Cheers!”

Griswold (Bernese Mountain Dog)

Owner: Jeff

“I just wanted to thank you for how great you were with Griswold. I have to admit I was a bit nervous bringing him in for the first time, he’s very hyper, excitable puppy and a big boy. I was amazed at how calm he was with you and how great you made the experience for him. He looks and smells great and is just as soft as he was when he came home. Thanks again and looking forward to our next appointment.”