Smoochy Poochy – Toronto

Paw Tyme is excited to announce our newest feature where we’ll be interviewing and profiling businesses to share what makes them unique within the Pet Community. Our next feature profile comes from Smoochy Poochy.

Smoochy Poochy

Smoochy Poochy

Toronto, Ontario

On November 17, 2001, a handsome seven-week-old Chocolate Labrador Retriever named ‘Tucker’ joined the household of Meera Brown and Regan Campkin.

“That dog changed our life,” says Meera the owner of Smoochy Poochy, adding that it’s because of Tucker that Smoochy Poochy, the Toronto-based company started.

Meera and Regan sat down in front of a sewing machine creating a leash that would cater to their new canine companions lifestyle. (And their own to of course)!

The main requirement was that it be practical, functional, and easy to use.

As Tucker walked around proudly wearing his innovative new lead, total strangers would come up and ask: “Where did you buy that leash? or “how can I get one of those?” And that is when Smoochy Poochy sprouted and introduced the optional hands-free leash to the pet industry.

The leash is versatile, functional, and offers all the bells and whistles.

The handle of the leash releases which allows the leash to do many different tasks: The optional hands-free leash easily wraps around your waist or across your shoulders offering the hands-free option. An attached mesh pouch conveniently stores plastic bags so you won’t be caught empty-handed when you need to pick up after your dog. The built-in traffic handle allows your dog to keep close to you. The leash also features a reflective material for safe nighttime walking.

Smoochy Poochy prides itself in the quality materials that go into making the optional hands-free leash. “It is important to find a perfect leash that you and your dog love, but equally important are the components that make up the product,” says Meera.

The Smoochy line has grown over the years to include many other top-notch products, such as reflective leads and collars, step-in harnesses, systems for walking two or more dogs at a time, traffic leads, training leads and collars, collars for dogs that swim, leather alternative products, and more….

All of Smoochy’s products are manufactured with great care and detail. For example the collar for dogs that swim is made from a material that does not absorb water. The colour won’t bleed, and it will not smell bad when wet…no more stinky collar.

Another example is Smoochy’s nylon webbing products, they feature bar-tack stitching which is especially strong, durable and reliable.

The Smoochy line prides itself on being a Canadian company. Our team not only cares about the details that go into each product, but also we care about the dogs and their owners who use the Smoochy products daily.

Smoochy aims to enrich the experience of having a pet by introducing innovative items, and continually developing practical products to bring to the market place.

People continually ask Meera where her inspiration comes from. The answer is simple. “It comes directly from Tucker!”

Entering into 2011, Tucker got a dachshund brother named Skippy….we look forward in what creative products Skippy will introduce to Smoochy Poochy!

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